Gunjan Sahewala
Campion International School

Director’s Message

In all the years of being part of reputed educational institutions and later on, choosing to work in the field of education, one thing has become clear to me- that education is a gradual process, it does not happen overnight, nor is it meant to. It is the awakening of the individual spirit, a nuanced understanding of the world and all its possibilities through a guided, cumulative process where each brick is laid down to create the foundation for a fulfilled life. Educators play an important role here, not just in communicating the lessons to the students but something like shaping and sculpting lumps or clay to create something beautiful and joyous. It is imperative that we as educators recognize our many responsibilities which are surely not limited to the classroom but extend way beyond that. The idea of what we want our Future generation to become should reflect in our own conduct, in various essential acts of kindness and compassion that each human being is capable of, qualities that make a great educator. A student should exude an insatiable hunger and willingness to learn and that too, they shall learn from us. In whatever experience I have managed to gain so far, I have seen that teaching and learning are not and can never be, mutually exclusive. Young minds often bring out the best in us, teachers and parents, and the moment we realize that we are equipped to shape young minds to spread their wings and reach out to the vast contours of this world of ours.

The Management and Faculty of Campion International School recognize this and pledge to live by these ideals. Looking at the future and its many possibilities, we promise to ourselves and to everyone associated with this school of ours that we will work together to create a vibrant and joyous atmosphere of learning where childhood potential shall bloom into lifelong talents and abilities, where difficulties become possibilities, associations become lasting relationships, challenge, became  opportunities and teaching become learning . Within the guidelines of the curriculum and the discipline it instills in us, we shall find the opportunity to explore ourselves and the world,find ways to rely on our inner strengths and utilize our determinations to achieve all they are set out to.

I was, and am still overwhelmed by the potential i see in every campionites, where discipline is complemented by lasting friendships, and academics complimented by a zeal to develop oneself in all kinds of activities, be it sports, music, art, or even the skill of leadership, which our students have shown time and again.

I cannot help but smile when i look at our present potential and our ability  to sculpt a wonderful future for us an institution and for all our campionites. I hope and pray that we can achieve all that and more.