Kailash Sahewala
Campion Education and Welfare Society

From the desk of Founder

Since its inception, Campion has been led by highly experienced minds in the field of education in regions like Nepal and the Darjeeling Hills to bring quality education to Siliguri. We have had the pleasure of educating minds from diverse cultural and regional backgrounds and bring them together as part of the Campion family. All our teachers, administrators, students, both old and new, and parents are a valuable part of this organization, who have kept faith in its efforts and have stood by us through all the challenges that we have faced in the last decade or so.

We value this diversity as it bridges the gap that is brought about by geographical boundaries, gives us the opportunity to learn from one another and emerge successful in all our efforts. It is with a great sense of achievement that we bring to light the fact that students from as many as five nationalities study at Campion presently, brought together by a pursuit of knowledge and an atmosphere of mutual love and compassion, echoing the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan.