Mrs. Tamali Podder

From the desk of Principal

I thank the School Management Committee for the privilege of my appointment as the Principal of Campion International School.  I feel my years of experience and devotion towards academic excellence beside the extra-curriculum activities has been rewarded by this honored post.
In Campion, the enthusiastic learned faculties and the ever learning attitude of the students is a morale booster for me, and I strongly feel that we are definitely reaching towards our Motto of the School ‘Education Par Excellence’.
We have seriously taken up Parent-Teacher Meeting after every Unit Tests/Examinations. This is done in order to discuss the child’s strength and weaknesses. At this juncture the cooperation of the parents along with the teachers will definitely help in the betterment of the students.
A new system of Holiday Home-work has been introduced. It is like a Brainstorming engagement, digging into the facts of the various subjects.
Our full efforts apart from academics are on encouragement to students to  participate in sports, games and other extracurricular activities to inculcate discipline and good manners in them.
It is my personal goal to instil in every student, a sense of pride of our school and community by making them a responsible and proud leaders of the future.
Good wishes to one and all.