Knowledge gives us power, loves gives us fullness.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan


Our vision is to create a haven for young, capable and compassionate minds that shall nurture ideas which will create a desirable future for this World


  • To set standards of excellence in the field of education which is unparalleled across North Bengal and an example for the community
  • To create a conducive environment for students from diverse backgrounds to come together, learn, interact, bond and grow as individuals, irrespective of religion, caste, race, gender, language or nationality
  • To create capable individuals, worthy of leading the World by example in promising new directions, along with ensuring the greatest possible success and prosperity for themselves
  • To foster the all-round development of young minds along with academic progress, that will lead to their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment
  • To encourage diverse and worthwhile pursuits like environmental awareness art, music, sports that enable the development of life skills, social skills, and personality development.
  • To create individuals who not only excel on professional fronts but develop meaningful interpersonal relationships with their peers, foster genuine love for the school and the community and become compassionate individuals