At Campion International School, we believe that teaching should be grounded on following principles.

Recognizing Individuality

We all know that one size does not fit all and that individual differences do come to the forefront. But that does not mean anyone should be deprived of the necessary care and excluded from the process of education.

Personal Care

Our teaching staff is driven and committed to interacting with students in groups and in a personal capacity whenever necessary, with constant attention to addressing students’ grievances.

Interacting with one’s surroundings

Throughout the course of the year we organize multiple field trips, excursions, outdoor activities and collaboration with other institutions to take learning beyond the classroom.

“The Best Way of Learning is Learning by Doing”

To facilitate this, we have

  • -Multiple seminars, events, and competitions for students to showcase their talent
  • -Group projects to encourage responsibility and teamwork
  • -A well-equipped library for teachers and students to expand their reading range beyond the prescribed syllabus and for reference purposes
  • -Fully functioning laboratories to inculcate scientific and experiment-based learning
  • -Interactive activities to engage younger students

Learning By Doing

We are committed towards the maximum development of young minds by providing them a relaxed and safe environment.

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