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Cambridge Primary Section Curriculum (Classes I-V)

Cambridge Primary Section Curriculum (Classes I-V)

A phase to playfully and joyfully explore the world, ask questions, build the basic skills Observe and thoroughly experience the world through exciting themes like family, friends, festivals, nature, order of things and many more, to bring together many subjects interestingly. Build a basic vocabulary along with listening and speaking skills, enabling them to listen and to tell short stories, poems, rhymes, so that they can write freely and read with interest. Understand the concept of numbers and the skill to apply it to basic Mathematical operations, counting, classifying and sequencing objects. The Aim of this Curriculum, to mention a few parameters that are important to Nurture the Mind, Body and Spirit - Strengthen a growing body and with the basic knowledge establish sound relationships with the environment and happily embrace knowledge and learning.

Following Subjects offered in the Primary Section

  • 1. English
  • 2. Second Language Hindi /Nepali/ Bengali
  • 3. Third Language (applicable for class V)
  • 4. Mathematics
  • 5. Computer Science
  • 6. Science
  • 7. Art and Craft
  • 8. Social Studies
  • 9. Value Education
  • 10. Spell Well
  • 11. General Knowledge
  • 12. Calligraphy
  • 13. Health and Physical Education
  • 14. Abacus
  • 15. Dance (Western and Classical)
  • 16. Music