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Student Guidance & Counselling

Student Guidance & Counselling

The 21st century has seen the adoption of a new and comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to education, which is no longer restricted to one's academic grades but based on transforming students into holistically developed, fully-formed individuals.

Our Guidance and Counseling Committee is committed to this end, under the guidance of UmmeedCounseling and Consulting Services and its representative Ms Trina Guhathakurta who is our Visiting Counsellor and Wellness Teacher. Along with this, UMMEED offers counseling courses for the faculty at Campion, training teachers to become mentors and holistic instructors to the students.

The Guidance and Counseling Committee is aimed at:

  • Developing students' social quotient (SQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) along with intellectual quotient (IQ) which academics will take care of.
  • Raising awareness among students and parents about all-round health and development of a child, including and most importantly, mental health.
  • Work towards holistic development with group sessions, individual sessions, counselling and life skills development.
  • Conducting various wellness and life-skills initiatives throughout the academic calendar.


Ummeed in association with Campion International School, Siliguri providing the Guidance and Counseling service to all the students of the school for the last 4 years.

Ms. Salony Priya, being the advisor to the school, emphasizes on developing the emotional and social skills of students, making them ready for life . Under her guidance, the Campion team continuously focuses on the EQ of the students to develop a student centric environment in school and hostel.

Ummeed counselor conducts age appropriate adolescent counseling sessions based on a positive psychology approach. These regular classroom interactions have made students realize their potential , giving them a safe environment to share their thoughts and feelings and be guided for their career, subject selections, relationship issues and study skills. Students and teachers take regular counseling and guidance sessions, and on many occasions parents have also been involved to find the best way to support and enable a student . Few of the Campion teachers have undergone Basic counseling Session certification to act as Teachers as counselors. These teachers under the leadership of Ms Gunjan Sahewala , created a Student Well being committee that plans year round student development initiatives , giving students opportunities to develop life skills and follows the CBSE Adolescent mental health program.