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Infrastructure - Campion International School

Infrastructure - Campion International School

School Campus - A Perfect Learning Enviroment

The school is located in a natural surrounding slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the town to provide a serene learning environment. The school is surrounded on one side by a peaceful residential neighborhood and on the other side by tea gardens overlooking a stream which adds to the beauty of the location. The school is easily accessible from the NH110 (connecting Siliguri to Darjeeling) and is about 5 kms drive from Siliguri town.

Campion International School provides spacious and well-ventilated classrooms to encourage a comfortable learning environment for students. The classrooms are adequately equipped with facilities as per the learning curriculum as required at primary, middle school and secondary levels.

Our academic block is housed in a standard quadrangle overlooking the playground.


Campion Hostel - A Home Away From Home

We believe that residential life at Campion should reinforce the lessons learnt in the classroom and cater to the wholesome development of the child and help them grow into self-reliant and confident young minds. The environment of the hostel campus is structured with this in mind and is aligned with the principal intent of creating an atmosphere that feels like "home away from home."

  • 1. Separate residential facilities for boys and girls
  • 2. In- house teachers and wardens available 24*7
  • 3. Supervised study hours
  • 4. Healthy wholesome meals prepared by professionals- both vegetarian and Non Vegetarians.
  • 5. Regular counseling by experts
  • 6. Games and morning exercises/ yoga classes
  • 7. Organised trips/celebrations of birthdays and special events.
  • 8. Facilities for Wifi/ computers for help in studies.
  • 9. Spacious/ clean with attached washrooms and lavatories
  • 10. Backup for power failure.

Sporting Facilities

At Campion we believe that games and sports are an essential and irreplaceable part of a student's life and gives them multiple benefits:

  • • Qualities like healthy competitiveness, team-work leadership and crisis-management
  • • Mental strength and pushing oneself to greater heights
  • • Physical fitness which will have far-reaching, long-term benefits in their lives
  • • Discipline and worthwhile interactions
  • • A lucrative and rewarding career option
  • • Opportunity to bring glory, laurels and achievements for your family, school, community and nation

We have sporting facilities like:

  • • a full-sized court for sports like volleyball, football and basketball
  • • equipment for outdoor gym, table tennis, badminton, and cricket
  • • coaching for most sports, physical training, swimming, and martial arts like taekwondo

We ensure students have day-to-day opportunities for games and sports, inter-and-intra school competitions to take part, judge their talent and represent the school and a culture that encourages excellence in sports.

Sporting Facilities

Modern Computer Laborotory

Fully equipped Computer Laboratory with High-Speed Broadband Connection and all the latest software which helps students access the required information for learning as well as executing projects and assignments with ease. The Laboratory can also be used for leisurely activities under Monitored Guidance for Gaming and Internet Access.

Computer Laborotory


Campion International School has a very well stocked library with books ranging from academic and curriculum related reference books to novels and classics of a wide range of authors for pleasurable reading. The library also consists of encyclopedias, magazines, dailies and other informative books to widen students' horizon beyond the framework of the syllabus.

The library is divided into two sections:

  • General Section consisting of a wide range of extracurricular and informative books.
  • Reference Section for academic reference and personal interaction with faculty.

Equipped Science Labs

Extremely well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Practical Mathematics. The seating is designed to encourage interaction between students. Campion International School promotes “beyond-classroom” concept of learning and therefore encourages students to spend more time in laboratories as we believe that visual learning helps in better retention.

Science Labs