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Dean - Campion International School

Dean - Campion International School

From the desk of Dean

As a part of Campion International School, I feel privileged to be a part of an educational establishment that seeks to provide personalized & quality education that not only empowers children with social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills but also focuses on being better individuals and being more responsible to society and the world around you.

Our stimulating and student-oriented classroom settings conducted by a wonderful group of dynamic & well-qualified faculty, attract students from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds and provide a very vibrant and invigorating classroom environment that encourages questioning, thinking & rationalizing. Moreover, the management's insistence on encouraging respect towards one another, to indoctrinate and infuse a spirit of love for yourself and everyone around you, more than substantiates the aim and ideals of what Campion stands for.

We believe that each child is different and would require different modes and ways of encouragement, motivation, upbringing and academic drive. This is what we, at Campion strive hard to bring about. While academic excellence is important, we also give a lot of emphasis on character formation, personal growth and skill building. Hence we also insist on co-curricular activities, and other programmes that cater to all this.

The uniqueness of the environment at Campion can only be felt and experienced once you are a part of this family. Every person here has a role to play and can contribute to the greater glory of the school and of mankind. You are cordially invited to be a part of this enriched program.

I am deeply grateful to the Management, Principal Ma'am and an outstanding faculty who all work tirelessly to ensure the best possible learning experience for you at Campion.

We shall strive to continue to deliver, break the glass ceiling and challenge ourselves further as an institution so that we as a team emerge unscatched from the challenges around us.

Wishing you the best always!