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About Campion International School

About Campion International School

Campion International School is an undertaking of Campion Educational & Welfare Foundation, registered under the W.B. Societies Registration Act 1961. Campion, since its inception in 2006, has always worked with the vision to provide affordable and quality education to students, who are determined to excel in an ever evolving and dynamic education system, studying the subjects of their choice and pursue higher education in universities in India and abroad.

Affiliated to the University of Cambridge Science it's inception in 2006.(Affiliation Code: IN609)

Affiliated to CBSE for classes Nursery to Class IX (Affiliation Code: 2430218)

The Campion family welcomes students who are motivated to work hard and prepare themselves to face the future challenges posed by the volatile economy and rapid advancement in science and technology.

We invite students to be a part of this global education at Campion and discover their potential and transform themselves from Good to Great.

School Motto:

Innovate progressively, and adapt to change.
Ignite curiosity
Ignite curiosity and rational thought.
Inspire positive change in the world.

OUR MISSION- The Eightfold Path of Education

  • • Help students know about the world around them and build in them a thirst for knowledge.
  • • Encourage critical-thinking and independent thoughts and ideas.
  • • Focus on education that is both inward-looking, yet forward-thinking and socially responsible.
  • • Bring in best practices from the leading curriculums in India and internationally to aid us in transforming young minds.
  • • Develop in children a spirit of fraternity and compassion for other living beings and concern for the environment.
  • • Teach students to work both independently and collaboratively, build a sense of camaraderie and leadership.
  • • Develop scientific temper, build on artistic skills and maintain focus on sports and overall fitness.
  • • Enable students to focus on fashioning oneself into a complete individual, one who is physically, psychologically, socially, and emotionally healthy.


"To create a vibrant, serene, welcoming, diverse and positively challenging atmosphere of learning and creativity that fosters a spirit of innovative and independent thinking, holistic growth, intellectual curiosity and a sense of belongingness."