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Career Counselling & Studying Abroad

Career Counselling & Studying Abroad

At Campion, we pursue and intend to inculcate career counselling deeper into our school regime. Since in today's world there are no limits to students' dreams and getting a higher education abroad is also within reach, we plan to make sure our students

  • make informed decisions about their careers under expert guidance,
  • pursue courses or degrees that excite them and those they have an aptitude for,
  • are in touch with University Guidance counselors,
  • are made aware of the scholarships available and requirements for their chosen field or course.

We partner with Global Reach, Siliguri for University Guidance Counselling for students wishing to study abroad and have organized career fair events at a grand scale, like Career Vista 2.0 in June 2022, with speakers and guests from Global Reach, Siliguri, Ummeed Counselling and Consultant Services and Inspiria Knowledge Campus.